The 10 Best Digital Nomad Blogs (2019)

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You want to become a digital nomad and need some advice or inspiration? Or maybe you are already a digital nomad and you look for some blogs of people who do the same or websites that give you some new input? Then you should check out our list of the best digital nomad blogs!

1. Wandering Earl

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Wandering Earl

Earl was maybe one of the first digital nomads as he’s doing it for 20 years now! Since 1999 he’s travelling around the world nonstop! At the moment he has visited over 115 countries.

In 1999 he left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. The idea was to backpack around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and then return home and start a career as a sports agent.

It’s funny as his adventure is still going on today.

If you are looking for stories of an experienced digital nomad his blog is the perfect place for you!

2. Adventure in You

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Adventure in You

This couple is travelling around the world for years now and made their mission to “To Inspire People To Do More and Live Their Life To The Fullest, So They Can Create Unforgettable Memories”.

If you want to become a digital nomad and need more advise about that you should check their blog as they have many articles about that.

They can provide you with many guides about starting a blog, getting people to click your blog and to make a living from that. Who will know it better than them, right?

3. Nomadic Matt

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Nomadic Matt in Paris

The next one in our list of the best digital nomad blogs is “Nomadic Matt”. If you like these typical city guide books you can get in every book shop you will like this blog. In Matt’s online shop you can find tons of these city and country guides with all the information you need.

My favourite is his Backpacking Europe Guide. If you plan a budget trip to Europe you should definitely check it out, especially as it costs only 5$.

Next to his guides on his website, he’s a New York Times best-selling author with his book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

4. A Globe Well Travelled

Best Digital Nomad Blogs A Globe Well Travelled Guatape

This blog is made by Ashlea, an excitable Australian who loves photography and exploring the world. She made it her mission to inspire others to live an adventurous and sustainable lifestyle.

In July 2014 she was planning to move to the USA and wanted to use Facebook to share her life with her friends and family. As an ex travel agent, she realised that she has much more to offer than just a few travel pictures. That was when she decided to start her blog.

She is travelling with her husband Rob around the globe. Together they focus on subjects like travel jobs, minimalism, and eco-travel.

5. Too Many Adapters

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Too Many Adapters Technology For Travellers

Too Many Adapters is the leading source of technology news, information, and resources for travellers. They help you to find the best (and the worst) among thousands of travel apps, gadgets and websites clamouring for attention.

Founded in 2011, Too Many Adapters has grown rapidly. Featured in major newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and dozens of tech and travel websites.

This blog is made for people who are already digital nomads and look for some tech reviews. If you want to learn about the best travel apps or are looking for a new smartphone that is suitable for travelling you should check them out.

6. Two Wandering Soles

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Two Wandering Shoes

Ben and Katie are a super sympathic and inspiring couple. They are travelling for over 5 years together and visited more than 50 countries together.

In their trips they are looking for adrenaline rushes, good food, authentic experiences and adventures off the typical tourist path.

Their blog is full of interesting articles that will motivate you to buy a ticket, pack your bag and leave for a while. Especially I can recommend their series about Columbia, one of the countries I’m most excited to visit!

7. The Broke Backpacker

Best Digital Nomad Blogs The Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton has been on the road for a decade, hitchhiking and camping his way around the world as he learnt the art of budget backpacking. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a determination to only work for himself, Will runs several online ventures and manages and leads tours to Pakistan.

As the name says this blog is made for people who want to travel low budget or are interested in people who are travelling cheap.

One article you definitely shouldn’t miss is “72 Lessons From Nine Years Travelling

8. Legal Nomads

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Legal Nomad

Jodi started Legal Nomads as a travel blog for my family and friends. After saving money while working as a lawyer for 5 years, she quit her job with the plan to travel the world for a year and then return.

Now it’s 9 years later and her travel blog turned into his full-time job. Today her home base is located in Oaxaca, Mexico.

“Legal Nomads began as a vaguely chronological recounting of my time living and eating abroad. I wanted friends to follow along, and I loved to write. I needed to know what to eat, and what to avoid so that I did not get sick.”

9. Bemy Travel Muse

Best Digital Nomad Blogs Bemy Travel Muse Solo Backpacking Cooking in Peru

Kristin originally comes from Southern California but she’s travelling around the world nonstop since 2012. She worked as an investment banker in Newport Beach but after four years she decided to make a change.

She quit her job, sold her stuff and booked a one-way flight to Bangkok…. seven years later she’s still travelling!

In these years she went on some really cool adventures! My favourite one was her hitchhike through China. If you are a girl who plans to travel alone but is a bit scared about it this blog is perfect for you!

10. Chris The Freelancer

Best Digital Nomads Chris The Freelancer

The last in our list of the best digital nomad blogs is “Chris the Freelancer”. How his website title already tells Chris is a freelancer. As he is working location independent he’s able to travel the world what he’s doing for three years now.

As many digital nomads, he followed the normal career path first but didn’t enjoy that. When he started in 2015 he heard about the “digital nomad movement” but realised that it’s hard to get good information in this area.

That’s why he created his blog and to teach people more about his lifestyle as a digital nomad. For two years he released weekly vlogs and wrote reviews about the best destinations for digital nomads.

If you are interested in that check out his blog! To learn more about being a digital nomad check our other articles about that here.

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