The Best Time to Visit Vietnam and The Climate

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We are already settled in Vietnam for a longer time and want to tell you in the following article about the climate of Vietnam. In addition, we would give you a recommendation, when the best travel time to visit Vietnam would be for you.

Climate Vietnam

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, you’ve probably come to the information that the climate in Vietnam is very warm and tropical. Basically, the climate in Vietnam can be divided into four different regions:

“The mountains in the northwest, the actual north, central Vietnam and the south of Vietnam. In the following, we will take a closer look at each region so that you are perfectly prepared for your journey.”

The Climate in The Nordic Mountains of Vietnam

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

The climate in the mountains of Vietnam, the northwestern region of the country, can be divided into two phases. The one phase is from April to September, during this time it is rather humid.

During this phase, the temperatures range between approx. 15.5 ° C average minimum temperature and approx. 23 ° C average maximum temperature. The maximum temperature of 24 ° C is probably only reached in the months of June to August.

In the second phase in this region, the climate is dry. The phase is from October to March. In this phase, the temperatures range between an average minimum of approx. 8.3 ° C and an average maximum temperature of approx. 15 ° C.

The Best Time to Travel to The Northwestern Region of Vietnam

The best time to avoid rain is to travel to this region during the second phase, although it can get very cold in the months from November to February.

The Climate in The North of Vietnam

The Best Time to Visit And Vietnam Climate

The climate in the north of Vietnam, including Hanoi, can be divided into summer and winter. The summer lasts from May to October, the average minimum temperature in these months is about 24.8 ° C and the average maximum temperature in this region is about 32.2 ° C. During this time, it is very hot and humid because in this time phase there is also the most rainfalls.

The winter is then in the other months, from November to April. This is the slightly cooler and dry phase. The average low temperature is around 17.3 ° C and the average high temperature is around 23.3 ° C.

The Best Time to Travel to The North of Vietnam

The best time to visit Hanoi, ie to the north of Vietnam, are therefore the months between November and April. Because at this time the temperature is more comfortable for the average person and you can avoid the rain masses for the most part.

The Climate in Central Vietnam

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam Center

The climate in Central Vietnam can be divided once again more between the individual large cities.

In the very central cities such as Da Nang or Hoi An, the summer months are from mid-January to August, during which time it is very hot and dry, with rare sporadic rainfall. The temperatures rise almost always to over 30 ° C.

In addition, the possibility of typhoons in the winter months, so here September to December is not excluded. Overall, it is very rainy during these months.

The south of Nha Trang in central Vietnam has a similar climate, the only difference is a long dry season, which goes in here until September.

Almost 200 kilometers west of Nha Trang is Dalat, whereas in this city the months from June to October are rather humid and the time from November to May is drier. The average temperature for the whole year is around 27 ° C.

The Best Time to Travel to Central Vietnam

The best time to visit Central Vietnam, of course, depends on the city you want to travel to. Overall, however, it can be said that in the very centre as well as the more southern coastal cities the months of September to December should be avoided due to heavy rainfall.

The more you then go into the country, such as Dalat, the more the dry time shifts to the winter and spring months and then a travel time in the months of November to May is recommended.

The Climate in The South of Vietnam

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam Climate

The climate in the south of Vietnam, including the well-known city of Ho Chi Minh City, is again simple, in contrast to central Vietnam. The climate in this region can again be divided into a wet and a dry phase of time. The wet phase is from May to late October or early November.

The months of June, July and August are the strongest months of the rainy season. But it must also be said that the rain comes in large quantities in a short time. The dry period is between the months of November and April.

The temperatures in the south of Vietnam are at most in the months of February to May and the average temperature range is from 25 ° C to 35 ° C throughout the year.

The Best Time to Travel to The South of Vietnam

Since the temperature in the southern region of Vietnam is relatively constant throughout the year, the trip should be scheduled for the dry period. So the months from November to April are recommended and if you like it a bit warmer, you should travel in February, because then the hotter months begin.

I hope the Vietnam climate and best time to visit Vietnam have helped you and you can now plan your trip better.

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