How to Travel From Da Nang to Hue?

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The way from Da Nang to Hue is about 100 km and there are a few options to choose. If you plan to go from Da Nang to Hue this article will give you all the information that you need about how to travel from Da Nang to Hue.

Travel by Bus

To take the bus is the most popular and convenient way to travel from Da Nang to Hue. The main reason why the bus became the favourite way of transportation is the cheap price. You can easily pay while sitting on the bus. Vietnamese buses are getting more and more comfortable though. You can find the local bus station here:

Da Nang Central Bus Station (158 Ton Duc Thang street).


  • The price for a one way ticket can vary from 3$ to 6$ depending on the quality of the bus.
  • This is the fastest way to Hue. It just takes about 2 hours.


  • Some buses are of poor quality. Sometimes drivers take many guests to and the bus can be really full
  • Most local buses go from Da Nang to Hue through Hai Van Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia. You will miss the opportunity to see the beautiful sceneries of the Hai Van Pass and Lang Co beach

Travel by Train

This is probably the safest way to go to Hue and it will give you the chance to enjoy its poetic sea view. This is the way most tourists choose to go from Da Nang to Hue. There are about 10 trains every day. You can buy tickets in advance from the Vietnam Railways bookings site DSVN or buy them in Da Nangs Train Station (791 Hai Phong Street).

Most of the time you can book train tickets one or two days ahead without a problem. I recommend booking a train for the day so you can make sure you don’t miss the amazing view! If you book earlier your chance to get a good seat with sea view will also get better!


  • You can eat, go to the bathroom or take a nap.
  • The price of a ticket is reasonable. (from VND 4$ to 6$ per seat).
  • The beautiful view seems to be what most people care about. You will have a great time watching the sea and the mountains from the window.


  • The train is quite slow. Maybe it takes about 3 hours.
  • You can not stop in some places to see beautiful scenes and take some pictures.

Travel by Taxi

Da Nang to Hue Hai Van Pass 2

Even if the buses and trains in Vietnam are pretty comfortable some people choose the taxi. You can ask the driver to go through the Hai Van pass and stop wherever you want. There are many taxi firms in Da Nang but at it’s normal for taxis, it’s pretty expensive (about 50$ to 80$ for one way).

If you still decide to take a taxi you should go in a group to share the costs. To find a good taxi with a “cheap” price I recommend Di Chung Taxi.


  • You can go anytime you want.
  • You will save time as it just takes about 1,5 hours to go from Da Nang to Hue by taxi.


  • The costs are quite high.

Travel by Motorbike

This is the way most people choose if they wanna see Hai Van Pass. It is very interesting for those who like to travel. You can watch the beauty of the city, mountains and beaches.

On top of the mountain you can take a rest and get some food. If you’re not a frightened person you definitely should go by bike.


  • The costs are low.
  • You can stop wherever you want.
  • You will love the view


  • The road through the pass is quite dangerous, if you drive badly, consider it.
  • You can’t bring a lot of things if it’s a long trip.
  • It takes about 2,5 hours, if it rains then it is bad.

How to Rent a Motorbike in Da Nang?

There are many shops in Da Nang where you can rent a motorbike very easily. With a few dollars per day the price for renting a bike is really reasonable. I recommend you Tigit Motorbikes. As one of a few services they offer you to rent the bike in Da Nang and give it back in Hue.


Living in Da Nang Motorbike Mountains Hai Van Pass Go Pro

There are a few ways to get from Da Nang to Hue. I drive the Hai Van Pass with the motorbike a few times as the landscape is simply stunning. I recommend you to rent a bike as it will be an unforgettable experience! If you feel scared about it there are also guided tours available or you can take the train.

You plan to stay in Da Nang for a longer time check “6 Reasons Why I Am Living in Da Nang“.