Hammocks Outdoor – The Best Travel Hammocks

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With a small and compact travel hammock, you are very flexible and cost-effective. You can take them everywhere with you and always find a place, indoor or outdoor, to hang them up. Especially outdoor hammocks are recommended, you can look for an idyllic place in nature and just relax.

Terra Hiker Travel HammockHammocks Outdoor Terra Hiker 120$
KingCamp Net HammockHammocks Outdoor Kingcamp 128$
Sun Year HammockHammocks Outdoor Sunyear 137$
Skl Outdoor HammockHammocks Outdoor SkL 139$
Free Soldier Outdoor HammockHammocks Outdoor Soldier 125$

I already own a travel hammock for several years and have been able to relax and stay in many beautiful places. I could not live without my outdoor travel hammock anymore!

If you are searching for outdoor hammocks, you will find many different types of travel hammocks, from the classic parachute material hammock to hammocks with a mosquito net to simple net hammocks. Below I introduce you to different outdoor hammocks and explain what you should consider when buying.

Terra Hiker Travel Hammock

General Information:

Price: $ 20
Size: 300 x 200 cm (Length x Width)
Load capacity: 300 kg
Pack size: 22 x 14 cm (Height x Diameter)
Weight: 817 gram
Length of the straps: 3 m

Like most travel hammocks, the hammock is made of parachute material and feels high quality. The suspension ropes are wide and therefore very tree-friendly. In addition, the suspension ropes have several loops, making it easier to harness the travel hammock perfectly. The carabiners on the hammock can be removed and then you can also put the hammock into the washing machine to get it clean again.

I have been using this hammock for some time and have already relaxed and/or stayed overnight in various locations. I’m very satisfied. Overall, a very good model in which also has a small pack size. The outdoor travel hammock has a good price-performance ratio and is suitable for beginners as well as for people who often travel with the hammock.

KingCamp Net Hammock

General Information:

Price: $ 28
Size: 270 x 160 cm (Length x Width)
Load capacity: 150 kg
Pack size: 17 x 12 x 23 cm
Weight: 1,32 kg
Length of the straps: 3 m

The net travel hammock by KingCamp consists of a high-quality polyester mesh, making this hammock particularly breathable. The suspension ropes are wide and have several loops. These are also tree-friendly and you can expect a simple hammock tensioning.
The carabiners for hanging the travel hammock are also removable, so you can also simply wash them in the washing machine.

Furthermore, the material of the KingCamp outdoor hammock makes it unlike most classic hammocks. The material allows you to feel the best cooling airflow. Because of its small size, the hammock is suitable for only one person. With the travel hammock, you can spend a good time outdoor and indoor.

Sun Year Outdoor Travel Hammock with Mosquito Net

General Information:

Price: $ 37
Size: 270 x 140 cm (Length x Width)
Load capacity: 300 kg
Pack size: 26 x 18 x 13 cm
Weight: 795 gram
Length of the straps: 2 m

The SunYear outdoor travel hammock is made of parachute material. Included in this hammock are tree-friendly suspension ropes with 5 loops for easy hanging at different distances. There are also two ropes to hook up the mosquito net.

If the mosquito net is not needed, you can hang the hammock the other way around and let the mosquito net hang down. Tightening the mosquito net is a bit time-consuming because you have to pull the ropes through 3 loops and knot them tightly.

Overall, the SunYear travel hammock is a good entry-level model for hammocks with mosquito net, the material and the price-performance ratio is really good. However, the suspended mosquito net is not very stable.

Skl Outdoor Hammock with Mosquito Net

General Information:

Price: $ 39
Size: 290 x 140 cm (Length x Width)
Load capacity: 200 kg
Pack size: 28 x 6 x 33 cm
Weight: 950 gram
Length of the straps: 4 m

The SKL outdoor hammock has a more stable mosquito net because it is stretched by two wire hangers.
In addition, the material behind the wire hanger provides protection from the sun for the face. If you do not need the mosquito net you can remove it from its holder and turn the hammock over.
Despite the hanger, the hammock can easily be stowed in the carrying bag.

This hammock with mosquito net saves you a lot of effort. Because you do not have to harness the mosquito net with ropes. This travel hammock is therefore recommended, especially for spontaneous trips into the wilderness.

Free Soldier Outdoor Hammock with Mosquito Net

General Information:

Price: $ 25
Size: 273 x 100 cm (Length x Width)
Load capacity: 300 kg
Pack size: 35 x 15 cm (Height x Diameter)
Weight: 1,04 kg
Length of the straps: 6 m

The Free Soldier Outdoor Hammock has another variant of hanging the mosquito net. At four corners of the hammock, you can push through the supplied ropes and tie them to the next tree or pillar. For added stability, the mosquito net has loops that allow you to pinch your trekking poles or other branches.

The supplied suspension ropes are wide and tree-friendly, but they have no loops. When hanging up a lot of time would have to be spent on attaching the ropes.

In Addition to the Hammock!

Hammock Additions

Travel Hammocks Underquilt:

In order to stay as warm as possible in colder areas overnight, there is an underquilt. The underquilt is mostly padded and is stretched under your hammock. As a result, the warm air that emanates from your body heat does not escape. It acts as an insulation between the underquilt and the hammock. In addition, the underquilt protects against cold airs at night.

Here you will find a high-quality version of the Underquilts.

Here’s a beginner version so you can try an underquilt.

Sleeping pads in the hammock:

Another variant is, to take a sleeping pad in the hammock. These also insulate very well.
In addition to a normal self-inflating sleeping pad, there are also, particularly made for the hammock, sleeping pads. They hold better in your hammock and do not slip.

If you are looking for a simple sleeping pad, have a look here. This air mattress is self-inflating and has a small pack size. Therefore, it is very suitable for a trip only with a backpack.

You can find a sleeping pad specially adapted for the hammock here.

Tarp as rain protection:

So that you are not only protected from cold, but also from wetness, a tarp is recommended as a rain cover. A Tarp is simply a tarpaulin that you can stretch over your travel hammock and then you are protected from the rain.
You can also use a tarp for other situations, such as a pad for tents.

Tarps are also often packaged in small pack sizes and are easy to carry in your backpack.
Priced in the price segment around $ 35, just have a look here or here.