3 inspiring ways to learn while travelling

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Travelling can teach us so much – from the bustling cities to the subdued suburbs, there’s nothing like the big wide world for learning a lesson or two.

But how often do you make the most of this opportunity? When you’re flying far and jetting off, do you find yourself questing for knowledge like a dedicated student or sitting back and letting the world go past you?

It’s great to relax, but make sure you’re not missing out with these top tips on learning whilst you travel.

1. Take a course (around the world!)

Love learning by travel, but miss the classroom?

An increasing number of adults are choosing to upskill long after leaving school with online courses from the likes of ARU Distance Learning. Their flexible teaching and learning models make completing an online degree easy and convenient for the busy traveller, allowing you to fit your study around your adventures and choose when and where you study.

Online degrees allow you to explore your interests while you travel, and can even enhance your career in the long-term, with many courses available that can translate to careers across the world – perfect for lifelong nomads with international ambitions!

2. Get to know the locals

One of the best ways to learn while travelling is to immerse yourself into local culture.

The best thing about travelling is arguably meeting the locals – a place is defined by its people, who comprise the heart of any location.

Learning the local lingo will always be a foot in the door when it comes to finding your way around, and the locals will most likely appreciate an out-of-towner who has made the effort. Easy, quick and flexible language apps such as Duolingo can help you easily grasp at least the basics of a language to help you with your everyday needs. The locals can also help in terms of recommendations of restaurants and places to visit – after all they live there, so go ahead and be inquisitive!

3. Get a head start!

Travelling into the unknown can be nerve wracking, go ahead and research your destination before setting off.

Your local bookshop may have a travel guide or journal to help you find local sightseeing hotspots and plan your itinerary before you arrive. Meanwhile, travel writers often have greater recommendatoins of hidden gems, local cuisine and fascinating day trips, with a few entertaining anecdotes thrown in! They’re perfect for narrowing down your options and picking your interests – plus, they’ll keep you busy on the plane.

Sites like Trip Advisor are also great at whittling down the top places to visit when travelling. Whether you are hungry for a heritage site, an avid avocado enjoyer, or you’re planning a fun family holiday, you’ll find something suited to your taste, along with review and testimonies by travellers like you!

These are just three inspiring ways to learn more from your globetrotting trips.