6 Reasons Why I Am Living in Da Nang

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Da Nang is a place that is getting more and more famous. The last years it grew a lot and meanwhile many foreigners are coming here to live and to travel. Here are 6 reasons why people love this city and start living in Da Nang!

The People Are Amazing

Vietnam is a country with super cool people and you will recognize that really early. I come from a western country and when I came to Vietnam I saw a huge difference in the mentality of the people. Vietnamese are super friendly, good-hearted and really open to foreigners.

In my experience, especially in the centre of Vietnam, people always welcome you with a huge smile on their face, when you come to a restaurant or coffee shop. As an example in Germany, where I come from, people often don’t even look in your face when your order and use to be super serious. By the way a waiter in a coffee shop in Germany earns 20 times more than one in Vietnam!

Everyhting here is more calm, relaxed, less stressfull. I really love that about Vietnam. In Germany people are always stressed and under pressure. It feels good to be surrounded by a “first take a deep breath” mentality.

I travelled over 20 countries but nowhere people are as friendly as in Vietnam!

Da Nang has a Beautiful Look

Da Nang is simply a really beautiful city! The beautiful Dragon Bridge, the buildings at Han River, the beach, the mountains around it… In my opinion, it’s maybe even the most beautiful city in whole South East Asia (I haven’t been to them all though).

If you live at a place you want to make sure that it looks cool and that you like how it looks, so that is definitely one of the reasons why I am living in Da Nang!

My Khe Beach to Free Your Mind

Da Nang is famous for its beautiful beach just next to the city. The weather in Da Nang is usually really hot so there’s nothing better to jump in the Pacific Ocean during your lunch break. Especially for digital nomads who are free with their working times, that’s a cool thing!

My Khe beach is also my favourite beach I’ve ever been to! You can see Son Tra Mountain and the Lady Buddha Statue from it, which reminds me a bit of Rio De Ja Neiro, but smaller and less crowded.

If you need more evidence that My Khe Beach is one of the best beaches trust Forbes Magazine. They ranked My Khe as one of the world’s six most attractive beaches.

So if you like beaches Da Nang is definitely a good fit for you!

Beautiful Mountains for Day Trips

Living in Da Nang Motorbike Mountains Hai Van Pass Go Pro

As you can see in the video above, Da Nang is surrounded by beautiful mountains. That’s why it’s perfect for day trips with the motorbike! You can drive to the top of Son Tra mountain to get a beautiful view over whole Da Nang, My Khe Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a cool trip, especially because it’s just next to the city. It only takes you 10 minutes with the bike to get to Son Tra Mountain and a bit longer to get to the top. Another cool experience is to go there in the night. You can see the sunset over Da Nang and look over the city to see all its night lights.

Another trip I totally recommend and did already a few times is to drive the Hai Van Pass, which is famous from Top Gear. The views you will get over the mountains and the ocean are stunning and it’s not far from the city. In three to four hours you can go with the bike to the Hai Van Pass and back.

You can also take a break at top of the Hai Van Pass. The pass leads to the top of a mountain with a small castle on top you can check out. After that, you can follow the way, take another break in the small city the way ends and come back to Da Nang.

That’s a perfect day trip for tourists but also if you live there and want to free your mind on the weekend.

You Will Love The Vietnamese Lifestyle

Living in Da Nang Street Vietnam

As I mentioned before Vietnamese people are super friendly and have a much more relaxed mentality than it’s normal in western countries. You will love that!

The lifestyle you will have here is amazing and I enjoy it much more than the lifestyle I had in Germany. I live in a really cool area just next to tons of restaurants and coffee shops. Every day I enjoy Vietnamese coffee and food.

Food and coffee here are really cheap if you compare it to most other countries. It really releases your stress if you don’t have to think about what you will cook and don’t need to go to the supermarket. Also, it saves you a huge amount of time, which is especially great if you want to focus on work!

Vietnamese Food is Amazing

As I just said food in Vietnam is cheap and really delicious, especially the Vietnamese street food! My favourite is Op La, which is basically fried egg with bread and some extras. I eat it almost every morning at a few different places in my street, so I don’t eat the exact same food every day.

One blessing Vietnam gave us is Vietnamese coffee! Before coming here I maybe drank coffee a few times a year to have more energy. Living in Da Nang for almost a year I drink coffee every day! I’m sure you will fall in love with Vietnamese coffee just like me!

Other foods you should try are Bánh mì (sandwich), Phở (traditional noodle soup), Mì quảng (my favourite noodles) and the rice buffet places you can find every few meters

If you want to learn more about Vietnamese food you should check this article about 10 Vietnamese Street Food Dishes You Have to Try.

Da Nang Is The Most Liveable City in Vietnam

Living in Da Nang Dragon at Han River

I wrote this short review, after living for almost one year in Da Nang. Probably now you can make yourself a better picture of this beautiful city. Maybe it’s not a place for everyone but if you want to spend your life with amazing people and cool adventures it’s definitely your place!

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