One Day in Munich – The Best Things to Do If You Only Have One Day

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If you plan a city tour through Germany and want to explore many cities, of course, Munich must not be missed. We will recommend what you should do and experience if you only have one day in Munich.

Even though Munich is a really big city with a lot to see, it is still possible to experience as much as possible in one day. Because most of the well-known sights you really must see in Munich are located near the Marienplatz, the heart of the city.

So now in the following article, get to know about the places that you should not miss in Munich!

The Marienplatz

Marienplatz Munich

If you can, start your day at the aforementioned Marienplatz. Among other things, the pedestrian zone starts here and you can also reach a lot of the most important sights from here. It is the central space of Munich city center. You can get your breakfast coffee and something to eat here, so that you start the day well and energetically.

The first historical attraction that stands directly on Marienplatz is the New Town Hall!

The New Town Hall Munich

New Town Hall Munich

The New Town Hall of Munich is located on the northern side of the Marienplatz. In this building, the mayor, the city council and the head office of the city administration are settled.

So it’s just a government building that you can look at from the outside? No, the New Town Hall can also be explored from the inside. On the one hand you can go to the Town Hall tower, which is really highly recommended. For a small entrance fee, you will be taken by a lift to a height of 85 meters.

From here you have a breathtaking view over Munich’s old town. On the other hand if you are very interested in the history and architecture of the new Town Hall, then you should definitely join the guide. These tours usually take place only on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, so if you’re there on one of these days and you’re interested, make sure you’re there on time for a guided tour.

The next attraction of Munich that you should visit is the St. Peter church!

St Peter Church

One Day in Munich St Peter Church

The “Alte Peter” is located in the southeast of the Marienplatz and is within an easy walking distance. The Old Peter is considered the oldest parish church of Munich. The church is over 800 years old and you can go up here too. Because even at St. Peter you can go on the tower, this time you have to go by yourself on top of the tower over the 300 steps.

Also the view from here is beautiful! In addition to the rooftop and towers of the Frauenkirche, you can even see the Alps behind the Munich skyline in good weather conditions. For 3 euros entrance fee you are allowed to go on the tower. But not only the view from the tower is worth seeing, also the interior of the Sankt Peter church is historically rich and fascinating.

After taking a look at the St. Peter’s, you can go on to the already mentioned Frauenkirche.

Frauenkirche Munich

One Day in Munich Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche is located in the northwest of Marienplatz. So if you were in St. Peter’s church before, you go over the Marienplatz again and can possibly get you a snack to be ready for the next attraction.

The Frauenkirche consists of the main part and two towers, the north tower and the south tower. The north tower is not accessible for visitors, but the south tower is. At least if it is not being renovated. So if you have not gotten enough of towers, you can also go on the South Tower of the Frauenkirche. But also the inner life of the Frauenkirche is worthwhile.

In the Frauenkirche many former rulers, emperors and monarchs are buried and you can partially inspect the monuments.

Particularly interesting is the footprint of the devil in the entrance hall. According to stories, the devil himself was said to have laughed about the church that had just been built. Because from this point you can not see any windows, because all pillars hide them, so the devil made fun of people’s stupidity.

However, when people poured into the church, he realized from outside that the church has windows. He then turned into a stormy wind and tried to destroy the church. Partly you should still feel light breezes today.

The Asam Church

The Asam Church Munich

After the Frauenkirche you can go south in the direction towards the Asamkirche. On the way there you will find many shops. Out of nowhere the Asam church suddenly appears.

The Asam church is a rather small church in Munich, but it is beautifully decorated in great detail, so definitely worth a recommendation.

After a short visit of the Asamkirche you can walk east to the Viktualienmarkt. Along the way you will pass the Munich City Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Ohel Jakob Synagogue. Depending on your interest, you can also check it out shortly.

Victuals Market

Victuals Market Munich

The Viktualienmarkt offers a good end to your historically rich day in Munich. It is not far away in the south of the Marienplatz, here you will find on 22,000 square meters everything from food stalls over fresh fruit to delicious drinks such as beer and many other offers!

The Viktualienmarkt is the largest market in Munich and there you will also find a beer garden. So you can end your day in Munich with a nice Bavarian beer!

I hope the article to gave you tips for a day in Munich helped you, of course, Munich has much more to offer. But this historical rich attractions you would have chopped off with this tour around the Marienplatz!