Online Typing Jobs – All You Need To Know About Becoming A Writer

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Do you consider working at home rather than in the office? Do you want to have the freedom to decide at what time you work? Or are you dreaming to become a digital nomad? Then online typing jobs could be your thing!

Online jobs are becoming more and more famous as a result of development in the area of internet and computer technology and the fact that you don’t necessarily have to go to the office anymore to do your job.

This article will give you an idea of online typing jobs and might be your start for a promising career with lots of opportunities and freedom!

What Are Online Typing Jobs?

In general, an online typing job can be any job that requires you to type on your laptop. Make sense, right? For that kind of jobs you will only need your laptop and an internet connection. Welcome to the world of remote work!

There are many different types of online typing jobs. That’s the reason why almost everyone can find an area that he or she really likes! But more about that later.

Another advantage is that students, parents and even retirees can apply easily and take the chance to gain some extra income.

“If you have internet and a computer you can start working online. You don’t need high writing skills to start with paid writing jobs. That’s why these jobs can give almost everyone the chance to work where-and whenever they want!”

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How To Start And Find Your First Online Typing Job?

It’s easy! Follow this simple way to start with your new career right away!

Sign up at freelancing sites such as Freelancer, Upwork or others. After signing up you can apply for jobs and projects. Keep in mind to apply for jobs that fit your skills! Signing up is free so you can instantly create a good looking profile and try to get your first job!

I would recommend you to freelance as most of the time you will earn more money. If you don’t want to freelance, check the top companies who offer online typing jobs. Don’t forget to read reviews to ensure you don’t face scams as there are a lot.

Requirements for Online Typing Jobs

The requirements really depend on the type of job and what quality they are looking for. You can find a job with really low requirements pretty fast but the payment will be super low.

If you want to get good jobs the most important thing is your portfolio. What will also help is if you are a native speaker in the language of the job you apply for. I will describe that in more detail in the types of typing jobs part.

Now, the next thing you would consider is the equipment.

What Equipment Do You Need?

  • A PC or laptop (A laptop allows you to work from the bed on lazy days!)
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • Headphones and good music will make your work much more fun!
  • A good location that works for you. Some prefer to work from home and some like to work in coffee shops. Figure out what works for you

And that’ts it! You see you don’t need much and usually you have the things you need anyway! So what kind of jobs can you get?

Four Types of Typing Jobs You Might Like

Online Typing Jobs Woman working on Laptop in coffee shop

Content Writing

Content writing jobs are probably the most common jobs in this area and also not hard to find. The quality of content writing jobs can be really different. Some jobs are fun and paid very well and some are boring and you won’t earn a lot of money.

There are many content writers out there and some work for really cheap prices. You will have to compete with many writers from countries, where the average living costs are lower. They have average English skills and are able to work for a much lower price.

In many countries, the average per hour loan is around 1 or 2 dollars. That’s why working in content writing can be quiet hard, especially when you are a beginner. After growing your portfolio and having some good references you will find jobs much faster and can charge much higher rates!

There’s a solution for this though. Don’t offer English content writing! If you can write in a different language you will find a job much faster and can require much higher rates!


Translation is probably my favourite typing job! To work as a translator you will need to speak two languages what will usually be your native language and English (or if you are a native English speaker a second language).

You will find much fewer translation jobs than content writing jobs but you will have a much higher chance to actually get hired, as the competition is much lower. That also means that you can take much higher loans.

If you have good skills in both languages it will be also really easy what can be a pro or a con. I would mix translation with some other type of writing jobs as it can become boring pretty fast.

Online Typing Jobs Woman working on Laptop in bed

Data Entry Jobs 

Data entry allows a typist to input data in the company’s system using your computer. You’re required to edit or verify data which can sometimes be super easy and sometimes a bit challenging.

If you apply for data entry jobs you should be aware of scams. On platforms like Upwork, you will be safe and won’t have to worry about that, but be careful if you apply to other companies.

Transcription Jobs 

Do you have good listening and typing skills? Then you should think about applying for transcription jobs. In this job, you have to listen to audio files such as interviews, speeches, and dictations. Then you simply transcribe the audio files to readable texts.

In general areas, special skills aren’t required. You will be paid by project, so it depends on you and your transcribing speed, how much you can earn per hour.

For some special areas, you will have to do trainings and prove your skills and knowledge about the area you are applying for. Areas, where this is usual, are mostly legal and medical transcription.

The good thing is that if you already have proven skills or knowledge in this area you can start with a pretty high salary!

Online Typing Job Rates

Online Typing Jobs Woman working on Laptop

Once you sign up for online typing sites, one of the essential things you need to think about is your price rate. The most common way is to get paid by word but sometimes you can also get paid by hour. Especially in transcription jobs, you can also get paid by page.

It’s hard to give an average rate as it depends on many different factors. I would recommend you to contact other people who are working in the area you wanna work.

Try to find people with a similar portfolio and the same language skills. The easiest way to connect with them are Facebook groups and platform like Upwork, where you can also look for freelancers. You will figure out a rate pretty fast after applying for some jobs though.

Especially if you want to become a content writer, you might have to work for really low rates or even for free in the beginning. But don’t worry you will improve your portfolio fast and after you finished your first jobs you can take much higher rates! published an amazing article with detailed statistics so definitely check out their article about Freelancing Writing Rates!

Online Typing Job Freelancing Rates

Once you find the online typing job that suits your qualifications and skills, expect to earn extra cash. Online typing jobs offer you many opportunities to improve your skills and achieve success.

Whether you’re a transcriptionist or data-entry encoder, you would be successful in the online community. So, come now and embrace great possibilities! Make a bright future by applying to online typing jobs today!

Alternative: Digital Marketing

A great alternative to classic online typing jobs like content writing, translation and so on is to work in Digital Marketing! Working in digital marketing gives you tons of opportunities to find high paid jobs fully remote. You can enjoy all the advantages of typings jobs but have the chance to earn a much higher salary!

Also, Digital Marketing is highly needed! If you collect some experience through an internship or your own blog it won’t be hard for you to find a job. After you found one, you can improve your skills super quick and your salary will skyrocket!

Next to Social Media Marketing, the highest needed digital marketing service is SEO – Search Engine Optimization! It’s all about optimizing a website to improve its rankings and with that its traffic!

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Start your Career in Digital Marketing!

This SEO Ebook is for you if you want to take a SEO course, grow your career, plan to work online or are interested in the basics of SEO!