Silver Coast – A Heaven On Earth In The West of Portugal

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Did you ever hear about the Silver Coast in Portugal? It’s a beautiful place between Porto and Lisbon which is perfect if you want to take some time to relax!

In today’s world we are surrounded by misery and depression, all of these mental and emotional problems are a result of the toxic environment that we reside in. In order to stay healthy inside out, there is a dire need for a drastic change in our surroundings, but what kind of change?

It’s said that a change in your location can really affect us positively. But where to go? What kind of place in this world is filled with beauty and a feeling of relaxation? There is a place that can provide you with such comfort and that is the Silver Coast in Portugal.

Where the Silver Coast Is Located and What’s Special About It

This beautiful and mind-blowing place is located between the cities of Porto and Lisbon. You might assume that the Silver Coast is a place where you’ll only find beaches, water, sand, and humidity. But no, this place is much more than just that!

It’s from immense importance for the Portuguese as a tourist attraction and as a place of history. You will be amazed to know that this is one of the places that British tourist and investors are crazy about. They are building more and more resorts to attracts people who want to enjoy a house that’s facing the beach and more detailed the beautiful Silver Coast.

If you are also pulled towards the beauty and culture of this land, but you are not sure where to go and how to start, then don’t worry because this read will guide you through the best places to visit at the Silver Coast.


If you are craving for some authentic Portuguese seafood and you also want to explore their culture along with it, then Ericeira is the place you need to be. This small fishing village is more than just a living space for the locals, the beautiful restaurants, the exquisite food, and the rich culture is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

There is a reason why people are praising their seafood so much. As it’s located near the ocean the served fish is coming fresh from their fish farms. Moreover, the perfect way to enjoy your time in Ericeira is by going for a stroll in the early morning on its tiny streets and buy some fresh local bread with butter. The smooth and tasty butter on the hot and crunchy bread will remind you of what magic tastes.

Mineral Water Pools and Luxury Spas

Silver Coast Portugal Cliffs on the Beach

The Silver Coast is famous for the many amazing places you can found there, also including mineral water pools along with relaxing and therapeutic spas. These spots are located towards the north of the silver coast and they are world famous because of their excellent services.

People from all around the world come together here to relax theirselves completely from the problems and stress that life throws at them. The thermal bath available here at the Silver Coast will help you forget about all your worries.

Peniche, the All in One Spot

Peniche is like the heart of the Silver Coast and holds immense historical and geological importance to the whole world. It’s a perfect place for your next summer vacation.The lush beaches, the beautiful sand dunes, crystal clear transparent water, and a very healthy environment made Peniche a biosphere in 2011.

Being a fishing town, Peniche has amazing seafood at reasonable prices. You will get the perfect chance of tasting their culture by standing on a port and having freshly cooked seafood. Sounds boring and you want something exciting?

Don’t worry because in the east of this town you are going to come across some world famous water rides with luxury villas located on beautiful beaches

Moreover, this place is a living dream for the people who are very much interested in history and botany because, during Salazar’s regime, many famous political prisoners were held here at these ports and in 2006, there was confirmed that a dinosaur bone was found here.

Things are getting pretty interesting right? Hold on tight because there is more to explore.

Sao Martinho do Porto and Nazare

These both are holding immense traditional and geological importance. Sao is famous because of the shell-shaped beautiful beach that has trapped people’s heart from all around the world. The large sand dunes are one of the many things that people are crazy about.

Moreover, Nazare is world famous because of the seven petticoats tradition. These beautiful beaches are amazing to enjoy the traditional richness and delicious sea-food.

The Beautiful Obidos- Where Dreams Come True

Silver Coast Portugal Beautiful Obidos

This is the kind of city where the princess will come across their prince charming. The whole city is built inside a literal castle owned by a Queen. This is exactly the kind of spot that Disney animates for all the fairy tale movies, like Aladdin.

The narrow streets with slant houses and small brick workshops will make you feel like singing your favourite melody song. You can actually see the medieval castle from the chocolate-cherry liquor shops.

If you are assuming that you will face trouble in finding a hotel to stay here, then you are wrong because Obidos has changed quite a lot since 2015, now you can find luxury hotels, cafes, and libraries here along with beautiful salt lakes and lush green vegetation. This is a place where you would want to spend your entire life.

Along with all these beautiful spots are golfers, a location covered with eye-catching pine forests and heart throbbing scenery. Mafra, where a colony of bats lives in a library situated in a huge mansion with 1200 rooms and none stopping corridors.

The bats are actually allowed to live there because they eat insects that can damage the historically important books. Last but not least, Aldea, the village made from miniature clay. In there all houses and in general just everything is made from clay.

This practice was started by a local family that used to be in a chinaware business. Now you can feel how life was back in those days for the Portuguese while exploring Aldea.

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