Wedding Trip Hong Kong – One Day in Hong Kong

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As I looked out the window, I felt excited to see what this place has to offer. However, viewing the city from above, all I was able to see were clouds. I felt disappointed, but it didn’t let my excitement fly away. As the plane was nearing to land, I started seeing the city lights around the airport and it was enough to make me feel a bit anxious, wanting to get out of the plane already! That’s how my wedding trip to Hong Kong began.

This journey will be my first trip to Hong Kong. I read a lot of reviews, blogs and watched vlogs about people who went on a trip to Hong Kong. I even googled it and read about its history. Most people are Chinese, but as I would learn the Hong Kong people feel very different and independent of the mainland Chinese.

Britain had colonized Hong Kong and I noticed that it’s easy to explore the place because of these roots. Although Cantonese is the primary language, English is spoken by almost all locals, which makes it very easy to get around and communicate with everyone. Well, it gives me the comfort I need.

Another challenge would be finding my way around. I love exploration and I like getting lost, so a first-time visit to a new place is always exciting and a challenge — good thing I have Mr. Map and a smartphone.

Trip in Hong Kong

wedding trip hong kong street of hong kong

One thing that I noticed while roaming around the city is the shopping centers. They have tons of them! It was Tuesday, and I was super excited to take a stroll. However, their stores only open at 10 am, so I still had an hour to wait.

I decided to wander around and ended up in front of Hong Kong’s street art. It was so colorful! The scene was booming with vibrant colors! Their creativity didn’t let me down and I was so happy I stumbled upon this before going to the mall. These murals are Instagram-worthy; it adds colors to my trip, including my blog post.

The graffiti that I am most amazed by is the Shing Wong Street mural of two koi fish by Danish artist Christian Storm, a tribute to Bruce Lee on Tank Lane by South Korean artist Xeva, and the fully painted Man Fung Building by Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel. Continue your street-art tour at Mong Kok’s Hall of Fame or at Art Lane in San Wai. In the end, killing my time was actually a very fun addition to my day and I otherwise would have not found this colorful side of Hong Kong.

Having finally gotten to the mall, I discovered that the IFC mall in Hong Kong has a huge white Apple logo printed on one side of the mall, a logo that’s known around the world.

Need a Place to Eat? Try Butao Ramen

Next on my trip? Food! I was looking forward to eating here; I love ramen! The bowl of ramen showed up very quickly after ordering. If you love ramen and want to create your own one, Butau Ramen is the perfect place for you. In this restaurant, you need to grab a pencil, tick the ingredients that you want from a long list of options like:

soup infusions, garlic levels, oil source, all types of toppings and even the texture of noodles.

My personalized ramen didn’t disappoint me! In addition, this place has a reasonable price compared to other restaurants in Hong Kong. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to try the best ramen in Hong Kong!

Lin Heung Teahouse

wedding trip hong kong dim sum

Of course, one of the main reasons you should travel to Hong Kong is to eat dim sum! Dim sum is probably the most famous food to eat in Hong Kong. Honestly, eating dim sum is one of the most fun and delicious food experiences you can have. Well, learn from my experience!

Lin Heung Teahouse has the best dim sum that the world has to offer. They’re still using a cart to serve dim sum, which is rare to find in Hong Kong nowadays. It’s crowded during lunchtime, so expect some waiting time or avoid rush hour if you want to eat the mouth-watering dim sum. I love how comfy this place is, you can also eat with the locals and it’s a fantastic experience!


A place where fairy tales come true. If you are a kid at heart or have kids, Hong Kong Disneyland is the place to be! As a young adult, I’m still enjoying the rides, the nostalgic feeling of being a kid and to dream of a happily ever after. Speaking of it, happily ever after does not only exist in Disneyland but actually also in the land of Hong Kong!

My Real Reason for Traveling – The Wedding Trip Hong Kong

Why I am saying this you might be wondering? Well, here is the thing: I did not just travel to Hong Kong to see its sights, although they are amazing. The real reason is that I got married to my German boyfriend. It’s a wedding trip to Hong Kong! Yes, that’s right.  Me as a Filipina and him being German are allowed to get married in Hong Kong whilst being there as tourists!

You will be surprised to know that the marriage certificate issued in Hong Kong is internationally accepted and recognized for Visa purposes, which made it possible for me to be writing this blog from my new home in Germany!

Since so many people and international couples don’t know the Hong Kong marriage could be the solution to their Visa problems, my husband and I started a service to help all those in need, called – where you can find out more if you wish.

I hope you enjoyed my article, and if you would ask me to pick out one of all the things I mentioned, then definitely go and eat dim sum at the Lin Heung Teahouse. It’s the best I ever had! Take care!

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